Introducing – VIPS Spandan 2012

12 Oct


Spandan, the annual festival organized by the BJ(MC) department of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies is one of the biggest media fest of New Delhi.

This fest is pertinently named Spandan which stands for heartbeat in Sanskrit. It brings together hundreds of students and teachers of VSJMC as a workforce whose main objective is the success of this grand event. This fest stands out because of these young and devoted organizers. The devotion and persistence of these students is the reason why Spandan is getting bigger and bigger every year. The name, Spandan, itself generates this emotional fervour that drives these handful of youth to achieve success beyond expectations.

These are not some extraordinary bunch of kids. They are just like some guy or girl you know. But they exhaust themselves and use every ounce of talent in them to make this fest a memorable one.

Spandan, a 4 day mega media fest (7-10 Nov), will highlight the unrecognized talents through a number of exciting events. These events range from dancing to creative writing, painting to virtual gaming. The idea is to discover and appreciate different talents. The Spandan team expects fresh talents from different college and institutes to register and participate in these events. Participation should not be just for the sake of recognition and wins. Participants should treat these events as a free crash course where they can brush up their respective talents.

We want to share our dream with you. The dream to make this event an experience you can’t ever shake. To make that possible, this event needs diligent effort form our end and participation from yours.

Get ready for the best 4 days of the year. Get ready for Spandan 2012.

Spandan is coming.


The Essence Of VIPS Spandan

6 Nov


On the very first day of our college, we were made aware of what Spandan was. Initially, it was hard to grasp the very of idea it. Yes, it was a college fest and that was understandable but what it meant, how it was organized, what made it so exciting, why it was so hyped up were some questions that were yet to be answered. Back then, I was sure it had an impact, but it was later when the arrangements for this occasion began that I actually realized that it had much more to offer. Even the preparations radiated an energy which filled the campus with positivity, life and gratification. The college was no more just an educational institution for me, it had transformed into a heavenly place where students and teachers worked together as a unit to make every endeavor a success.

I still remember the day when we were ‘injected’ with the spirit of Spandan, “Are you ready to make Spandan a success?” Zain had asked, “Yes!” we all had shouted back. Never did I realize I would actually feel so connected to something I had never experienced before in life. It is hard to describe what I felt at that time, my feelings were a blend of curiosity and excitement, the latter somehow dominating my mind.

For organizing Spandan was no child’s play, the work began with extraordinary vigor. Although, prominently it was the fifth semester students who had to organize it, the support and assistance of first and third semester students were heartily welcomed. For some reason I envied the fifth semester students for having a practical exam as interesting as this one.

Interestingly, the fest was divided in 4 days and had a lot to offer. From a Film Festival to Media Panchayat, T Shirt painting to Story Boarding, Street Plays to karaoke singing, dance competitions to fashion show ,RJ hunt to JAM sessions, there was no stone which was left unturned. No matter which event was going on, the spirit never died down.

From day 1 to 4, every individual who visited Delhi Haat, where the event was held last year, came to know that VIPSians had an undying source of energy which kept them going. For they weren’t just hosting Spandan, they were living it. Rejoicing each moment that unfolded in the event, we wished that it never ends. But as they say ‘every good thing comes to an end’. Spandan too came to an end but not before leaving the prints of its colour in our hearts. But sure enough, it was bound to come a year later. And here it is now, VIPS Spandan 2012, bigger, better and redefined.

The Youth Of Today Sure Knows How To Dream

6 Nov


After the conventional divisions on the basis of caste, religion, gender, wealth, status and what not, they now divide people on the basis of generations. On one hand, is the lot who has experienced and wriggled out of the cobwebs of reality and made something of those experiences, and on the other hand, are we, the so-called “carefree, spoiled, irresponsible, confused” bunch of people who are still figuring out their story. The youth of today is focussed, goal oriented and competitive enough but has a mind of it’s own whose thoughts and aspirations conflict with those of the elder generations. And this subtle war between generations never fails to amuse me. The problem is that our elders try to look out for us and have pre-conceived ideas about how our life should turn out to be while the younger lot wants to explore the possibilities and take risks. It DOES NOT want to play safe. The youth of today sure knows how to dream.

Whatever happened to yelling out of sheer enthusiasm?

I like having control. I crave for it. It’s nice to be able to take your own decisions- to mentally pat yourself on the back when it’s the right one, or curse the whole universe when it’s not. Either way, I am the with the power of deciding what happens to me. The feeling is elevating.

Anyway, You know enough life-changing and motivational quotes that will tell you to “get up and go for it” and other things like “YOU CAN DO IT”. Let’s leave the philosophies to the wise ones. All I am saying is, it’s always about what you want to do, and not about what you should do. It all comes down to YOU- your dreams, your decisions, your mistakes, your struggle, your story. Take the credit for your success and the blame for your failures too. This might make taking risks a little easier.

All you need to believe is that there’s a chance that you can do it, and that if you dont even try, you might never know.
Do your thing, try your might at VIPS Spandan 2012.

What Makes VIPS Spandan 2012 Different

4 Nov


Pen, paper, is all that a writer needs, a camera is all that a photographer needs.  But apart from all these, one more thing they need is a platform… a platform to showcase their work, their art to the world.

SPANDAN is an annual media fest organized by Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS) in which events ranging from theatre to literature, from music to photography are held.

For the last eight years SPANDAN has proved to be a vital platform for young and aspiring photographers, artists, writers, RJ’s.

The intriguing thing about Spandan is the variety of events that takes place in it. Events like ‘Live Reporting’ provide the students a unique opportunity to test the hidden news reporter in them.

There are events in the field of dance like solo dance, duet dance, group dance and street dance. All the dancers are welcomed to come and show their moves and grooves.

The upcoming Spandan has great news for all football freaks as Freestyle football has been introduced in this year’s Spandan.
The fest also offers some treats for the theatre lovers as competitions like street plays have brought various young actors into notice.
As mentioned before, the fest has always been a mean for various talented students across Delhi to reach a large number of audiences and this year too Spandan promises to do the same at a bigger and better stage.

Finally it is the time, to pick up that pen, to pick up that camera, and get ready to show the world the talent within you, (that has so far been craving to jump out). The stage is set, lights are on…. SPANDAN is here.

Marketing Yourself In The Post 2010 Era

4 Nov


Whether you are a musician, writer or dancer, social media has given artists a new way to become successful. Ten years ago, artists did not have the same opportunity to market themselves on an international basis without paying lacs of rupees. Now, artists have the ability to show others, their true talents for free in using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger etc. The key to being successful in marketing one’s creative talents online is to have a strategy, picking an audience and being consistent in using social media.


There are a huge number of talented people on this planet. A number that no one can think of. We humans are gifted with various abilities, which are hidden in every one of us…. And we feel shy in presenting those even on a small scale. Social media is not only bringing out the real talent but also is boosting up the confidence of people and uplifting even the smallest societies, ever seen. Video websites play a major role in promoting talents. Opening a website offers 1000+ videos with remarkable talents. In one way or the other, social media is a big portal for a great future.

What Makes Gangnam Style Different From Any Other Viral Phenomenon

4 Nov


What on earth is Gangnam Style? This middle-aged man with a weird name who has been contracted to be PSY can’t tell Rihanna from Eminem but sits atop this mysterious global phenomenon all over social media for some time.

Being weird – with a difference

When he asked his teenage daughter, she reacted with a facial expression that indicated that confirmed her worst fears.
And now the whole darn West Indies team has danced to the Gangnam style after winning the T20 World Cup, followed by Novak Djokovic after the China Open tennis title.
Not that Chris Gayle delved so deep. It’s all about the dance.
A decade and a half ago, the world was held to ransom by bunch of pop sensations who were lost in transverse translation, backed up by a bunch of beauties doing a fairly simple dance. No one knew what the singers were talking about.

For all they cared, they could be speaking gibberish, which, quite probably they were but within a fortnight, three-fourths of the world’s population under the age of 25 were murmuring their tunes and copying every dance step, making it all viral.
And then one day, everyone just forgot about it, and went back to playing video games.
Gangnam has lasted over three months, and my guess is it’ll last for another three. Meanwhile, it has achieved something truly remarkable.
The North Korean government has released a parody of the song to attack a South Korean presidential candidate.
The candidate’s father Park Chung Hee seized power in South Korea in a military coup in 1961 and ran an autocratic regime for 18 years, which saw great economic growth accompanied by, apparently, widespread human rights abuse. We can only appreciate how the comedy of the whole phenomenon has been used to bring something like that to light.

It All Comes Down To You

2 Nov


No doubt that everyone has some kind of talent hidden within them. Some are able to figure it out early and live up their dreams whereas some are quite lazy to recognize and just move on to some random path they feel like is right for them.

Some are interested in blogging, some express their words through photography and not to forget Pankanj Bhadouria the winner of MasterChef India season 1 who showed as well as expressed her talent through cooking and the list goes on and on.

Now a day’s various fields have been introduced through which one can show what they have within them and what they are capable of. Social Networking sites have given a big contribution when it comes to expressing your talent. Various competitions being introduced specially through Facebook has encouraged a lot of people to participate and give their best.

VIPS Spandan 2012 is one such event of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies that is encouraging people to participate in various fields being organized to make them show their talent and enlighten themselves up. Various online as well as offline events such as Online Photography Contest, Online Poster Making Contest, Blog Marathon, Band Wars etc are being currently organized.

So in the end it all comes up to you. If you have it within you whether it is dancing, singing, blogging or photography etc don’t forget to show it up because you never know your work might be the best of all which will make you shine and give you an opportunity to make it large!

Why Should Bathroom Mirror Pictures Get All The Fame?

1 Nov

It’s a lie to think that you are not good enough. It’s lie to think that you are not worth anything. Every single girl reading this article right here, right now, I want you to know one thing- you are beautiful and you are gorgeous the way you are, and guys, well, like they say – you the man !
I’ve seen not-so-good looking people turning into super-models and not-so-good photographers turning into just superb photographers. All with a click of a button and an internet connection. If they can, why can’t you?
Why should only one out of several classmates get all the attention he/she hasn’t earned? Why should only one out of so many people get all the attention he/she doesn’t deserve?
If you think you deserve all of it, it’s your turn NOW.
The time to wait for opportunities to come to you is over; we now belong to the age where man creates his own opportunities.
Unrecognized, Young talent will not be left behind anymore.

VIPS Spandan 2012 gives you the chance to beat the crowd and grab a piece of the mega media event before it even begins!

If you believe in the unprecedented appreciation of young talent, check out VIPS Spandan 2012.

We at SPANDAN appreciate YOUNG talent and give it a platform it deserves.
Go ahead, put your best foot forward!

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